You may use verses on this page for your own cards. If you use them please give credit where credit is due.

Than you Naomi Connolly.


You might like to use the 40th birthday verses as well.

Thank you Daughter
for our 40 years of happiness,
surprises and sometimes tears.
Your 40 years have been a delight and pleasure
You have given us 40yrs to treasure.

Our dear Grandsons Verse for the Little Lamb Welcomes Baby

Big Welcome to Elijah

May your new bundle of joy
bring happiness into your life, 
as you take pride in loving
and raising your little miracle.
We know you will be the
best parents you can possibly be.

All our love 
Mum and Dad 


The Birthday card for Matao reflects his choice of Fish and Chips for a celebratory meal!! 

Flying High

They tell us you are SIX today
That means that you get to say;
“It’s FiSH-N–CHIPS by the bay”.
Hope your days been a soaring success
Because Nanny and Poppy wish you the best.
With lots of love and cuddles too
We send this birthday wish to you.

Just a quick verse to match the 5 fishes Birthday card

Hip, Hip , Hooray Thomas

Hip, hip, hooray
Today is your fifth birthday,
Tim for fun and time for play,
Cards and presents coming your way.
Sending you some birthday wishes,
Lots of hugs and lots of kisses.
Sent to you by little fishes. 
Happy birthday

Just a little verse to match the hungry caterpillar.

Happy Birthday Lauren
It’s the Hungry Caterpillar here for you
Come to share some food for two.
Help me eat the watermelon
Pull my tail, I won’t start yellin!
Just wiggle me a cross the card
See! I knew you wouldn’t find that too hard.
Clever girl that’s for sure
Hope your year has fun galore.
Because – now that you are two.
That’s what you need to do.

Lots of love and kisses
Nan and Pop.


Here is the verse for the Balloon card

Birthday wishes for (child’s name)
Now your
8 (any age can fit)
Birthday balloons you’ll have for sure.
What else could you be wishing for?
Maybe some cake, some friends, a gift
Some music to give the party a lift!

So here’s hoping that you get lots more
With dreams and magical moments galore!

That fill your day with a Happy Theme
Because it’s love you get

Grandma Jean


This little verse was created by me for a 10 year old boy’s birthday.

A Day That Makes You Happy
Happy days and happy times
Is what I wish for you,
A day that makes you excited
For that is what you’re due.
So bring on party time
Some cake with all your friends,
May the day that’s just beginning,
Be perfect from start to end
Especially now your 10.

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