Crafty Creations July 1st

Wow half way through the year!                              Starting Christmas cards soon!

We will be glad when the elections are over and we can move back to the larger room. Pr-elections have been held at the Community Center for the past three weeks. In the meeting room the light and cramped space does make card making a bit difficult. This week I had to go in one door, through the children’s playground and in the side door to help the ladies at the end of the table. Talk about get your exercise!

We made two different cards over two weeks so we could take our time stamping with the Watercolor  Wings and Lotus Blossom (R)  stamp sets.  These are two or three step stamping sets that give depth and colour to the images and are only restricted in design by imagination!!

So I think we have all done a splendid job and risen to the occasion with laughs and positive attitude.


crfatysJune1 Craftys

Back to normal next week. When we will be making a slider card!

Bye Naomi